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Children's angry behavior
Childhood Teaching methods

Children’s angry behavior

Anger is a natural reaction of all of us, including small children. Dealing with children’s angry behavior is perhaps the most difficult part of parenting. Many parents and educators react to children’s anger in a wrong and destructive way. Expressing anger When a child becomes angry, he is quite limited in the way he expresses …

Summer games
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Summer games

Observe your children as they play Remember that the game is important and we need it because the game is: Not an obligation, children choose the game on their initiative, voluntarily they start and get involved in the game. They do not need to be reminded or additionally motivated to play! Is something that keeps …

The child draws with wax colors, photo credit Oekaki Oe
Childhood Creative

Do you have a little artist?

Art Is A Process A child’s artistic expression is a way of communicating with himself, others and the world around him. And so if your child draws a circle and says it’s a dog, give him/her support and show that you believe it. Maybe he wants to draw a dog’s house… Encourage him to experiment …

The boy plays on the playground
Childhood Games Outside Sport

Where is your child playing?

What makes a good play area for children? Playgrounds give place and structure for kids’ socialization, imaginative play, and physical activities. But not all playgrounds are creative anymore, and it seems that the spaces that are being designed are becoming increasingly unsuccessful in meeting children’s needs. Playing on playgrounds is what children need when they …

Father teachs his little son to ride a bicycle, photo credit sanivpetro
Childhood Teaching methods

Kid, you can do it!

Persistence is key to success in school and life It’s great for kids to be talented and smart, but teachers know it’s just as important for them to be persistent. At one time or another everyone faces a challenging task or a heartbreaking setback. The key is to remind children to keep trying until they …