Does your child come dirty every day from the outside?

Dirt and germs can be good for children. Children like to play outside in the mud, to build a castle out of mud and stones, to jump on the puddles of the pond, to roll down the hills until their clothes get dirty. But mothers and grandmothers usually greet their children in astonishment, resorting to hand detergents and laundry detergent. Children’s play in such a way is a recipe for health and happiness.

Does your child get dirty outside every day?


If it gets dirty, that’s fine. No one disputes the wisdom of basic sanitation, protection such as hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers, but children’s play must have the freedom and opportunity to develop creativity and curiosity. The time that children spend in the mud, dirt, is perhaps the best way to prepare for school. Researchers claim that the child should be given a stick and a muddy surface to draw on. A very relaxing activity and a great background for learning and making mistakes. It’s easy to start over.


Mud hands
Mud hands


Children are artists, builders!

Mudprints is also a fun game for kids. Children can print muddy hands or feet on concrete, on paper … They can also make mud sculptures. Countless possible topics with this kind of material can be thought of by a child. Just give him freedom!

Dirt is a part of growing up because through free play a child gets dirty. Smile, the pleasure is on the child’s face when there is no ban when he can play freely.
Research also states that children’s play in the mud and its soiling is good for cardiovascular health. Children who are exposed to germs and pathogens at an early age are much less susceptible to heart disease in adulthood.

Healthy child

Can you close your eyes and see a picture of your child playing outside? Yes, it is a happy, satisfied, and healthy child. Due to all the school pressures and the overloaded extracurricular schedule, the children need to relax on their field because they simply take off their uniforms and become what they are – CHILDREN. The level of stress in children decreases after a few minutes when they see green areas, pointed out one research team. Time-efficient and cost-effective antidote for an overworked child is outdoor play. Connecting with nature and greenery has a very positive effect on the energy state of the child. It is also related that the direct contact of the child with the ground, whether through digging worms, making a tower of mud improves the mood, reduces anxiety, and facilitates learning.


Kids playing in the mud
Kids playing in the mud


Children who play more outside are in a much better mood, laugh more, become more adventurous, more motivated, and better assess and understand risk. In a one word, very happy children!

Children’s games

Children’s games in the mud are various: they make a castle of all shapes and sizes, using sticks they make roads for cars, they make dams in ponds from leaves and sticks, they dig trenches and make a river, they add water if they need it. There is no end to the game, there are many ideas, which only children can realize in their way. In the yard, in the garden, you can make a “magic” vegetable garden with your child. Allowing children to take care of nature, such as watering plants, feeding animals, collecting garbage, develops a sense of respect for nature and the development of empathy. The experiences gained in such activities help to build lifelong skills and connections with their environment.


You can use plastic cups, pipes, spray bottles, sponges, combs, paintbrushes, straws to play with water and mud … Younger children should have supervision, but with the freedom to explore. Mud, sand is their field for research, creation of creations, self-proving, learning, gaining experience, socializing … Let the child get dirty! Let the clothes be dirty and torn! All this has no strength, like when a child bursts into your house, smiling, happy, and invites yours to see what he has done with his friends.

Written by

Irena Canji

I am a teacher in kindergarten. I have been working with children aged from three to seven since 2000. Also, I am a mother of two kids. My son is a teenager and my daughter is going to kindergarten. My main goal through the website is to show that the process is more important than the product. In childhood, kids need to play, have fun, learn through their experience.

The content of this website is an interesting activity for children. You don't need special skills, lots of money or too much preparing.

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