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The benefits of playdough and clay for child development

Children adore clay and playdough Do you remember when you were playing with these soft, colorful toys? It is very important to encourage your child’s development with creative activities. Clay and playdough provide a lot of creative play for kids. Encourage Fine Motor Skill Development Fine motor skills (small muscles in the fingers, hands, toes, …

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The Ages and Stages of Child Development

Contemporary understandings see development as a result of the interaction of biological and environmental factors, that is, experience. The most extensive theory of cognitive development in Piaget’s theory and its impact on the educational process of children in recent decades has been enormous. Development expectations will be described separately for four domain of development:  intellectual …

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Checklist for Toy Shopping

An important occupation for children is play. Children learn about the world and themselves through play. Toys are the tools of play. The right toy can engage a child’s sense of curiosity, creativity, and imagination. Play with toys also help children develop physically, mentally, and socially. Occupational therapy practitioners are experts in promoting participation in …

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Gifted and talented children

What does it mean to be Gifted/Talented?   Giftedness is something you cannot develop. Gifted children are born with the capacity for knowledge. For them, learning and understanding come naturally. For teachers and educational professionals, the process of identifying gifted and talented children may be a problem because they are not a homogeneous group. Giftedness …