Parachute games

By using various devices and props, it enables the enrichment and modernization of games, exercises, and activities in the children’s world. In recent years, the world has been producing more and more various devices and props that open new possibilities in creating game content. Light, soft, differently shaped materials are being used more and more, which beautify the space for children to play and activities. A parachute is one of those props that expands the richness and variety of exercises and increases the effectiveness of their application.


The parachute gives various effects such as:

  •  increase the impact of exercise.
  •  developed sensory-motor experience
  •  develop motivation.
  •  helps to concretize the movement
  •  contribute to the development of work habits.
  •  contribute to the development of movement coordination.
  •  contribute to spatial orientation.


The parachute is made of silky, light material of various colors. It is usually circular, 2 to 5 meters in diameter. By combining different colors of the “petals” of the circle clips, you can get multi-colored parachutes with an attractive appearance. Depending on the size of the parachute, 10 to 30 children can practice. With its shape and lightness of the material, the parachute provides great opportunities for performing a large number of interesting and useful exercises and games that give children great pleasure and joy.


Performing a various exercises together:

  •  raising and lowering the parachute with swings up above the head/down to the squat;
  •  throwing the parachute high up and catching it again
  •  dragging and running under a high parachute
  •  raising and lowering the parachute and “hiding” under it
  •  transfer of a stretched parachute from one space to another


The children place themselves around the parachute, grab the edges of the parachute and perform various exercises together: With a parachute and a large ball that is thrown or rolled on it, interesting games and exercises can also be performed. It can also be used multiple times through different forms of activity.

Advantages of parachuting


  • Encourages cooperation
  • Strengthens the upper torso
  • Not competitive
  • Different competencies are not a problem
  • Improves perceptual skills
  • Enhances turning / splitting moves
  • Develops a rhythm experience
  • Requires the following instructions
  • Promotes social interaction
  • Enhances language development


Parachute activities


This is an easy training (parachute video games) to get kids used to parachute. All children are asked to bend down and hold a parachute. When the leader calls “up”, the kids carry a parachute as tall as they are – making a mushroom shape. Pulling the parachute down creates a fresh breeze and allows you to repeat the exercise. Another example of this exercise is to ask the children to raise the parachute excessively in the air, and then to approach closer to the center.

This is a real warm-up sport where children have to run down from one aspect of a parachute to a different one at the same time as different children lift it to make a mushroom structure and pull it down to entice them. walk below. I’ve used the following to inspire certain youth corporations to run under them, but you can easily put together your own.

  •  All those who like to watch EastEnders
  •  Who are the boys/girls
  •  Sporty red
  •  Call….
  •  Wearing a tie
  •  Who have long hair
  •  Who love Marmites

Imagine that a parachute is a turtle shell. Kids are asked to go under the parachute and maintain a protective surface in front of them, keeping their backs to the centers of the parachute. Explain to children that they must work collectively even if the turtle will no longer pass as one. (You will be out parachuting at this stage, and the kids will be below). Ask the children to go in one direction, making sure that the parachute does not lose its shape. You may want to add restrictions in the way you cross or tour.

This parachute recreation is additionally called ALLIGATOR SWAMP and has two variations, but each of them requires kids to sit around the parachute with their fingers hidden under the parachute. The first version begins with one child being chosen to go under the parachute, while everyone else pulls the parachute by the chest and begins to make waves. The children under the parachute go around and grab no one by the legs and gently pull them under them. Then they change places and a new shark or alligator looks for another victim.
A 2d version was chosen: one shark and two lifeguards. A shark goes under a parachute with anyone making waves with a parachute, and two rescuers circle the yard of the parachute to help drag them through the sharks. Once the shark pulls the kid out from under the parachute, then the child joins the shark, and the two sharks looking for bigger victims.


Parachute games
Parachute games


You can use belt bags for these parachute video games, however, the small colored balls look fantastic and are exciting to watch. You may want to use small plastic balls and choose two distinctive colors. Children can then be divided into two groups on either side of the parachute or boys as opposed to girls and one color will denote each team. All the kids stand around the parachute protecting it and then create massive waves. Throw the balls on the parachute and watch them fly in all directions. First, the group that bounces off all its colored balls wins.

Cat and mouse
The famous sport of chasing, which means that one kid is chosen for a mouse, and the other for a cat. At the first whistle, the cat goes under the parachute and crawls around the outer rim, while all the different kids kneel and make waves. At the second whistle, the cat moves on the edge of its palms and knees and tries to capture the mouse. If the mouse is placed on the outer rim of the parachute and returns to its vicinity, except to be caught by a cat, then it will become a winner. Children who kneel around parachutes making waves must help the mouse, not the cat.

Cat, mouse, and dog
This parachute game is played with two parachutes, one placed one above the other. It’s the same game as the cat and the mouse, but this time a dog is added to catch the cat, while the cat tries to catch the mouse. The mouse goes under the first parachute, the cat between the parachute and the dog on top.

Eagle and fish
One child is chosen to be an eagle and sits in the middle of a parachute; this will become eagle perch. Now the eagle is an evil bird of prey and feeds on fish, mice, and other small creatures. Four “fish” (children) were selected from different locations around the parachute. The remaining children have to sit or kneel around the parachute and make waves. At some point, the fish may pass under the parachute and try to knock the eagle before it sees them. The parachute game is four against one, but an eagle can run into a fish, but one should know that it cannot swim in the sea and must stay on its bar. The fish that the eagle throws must then leave the sea. Fish can meet below and plan to attack all at once or one at a time.

Shuffle Sock
This game can also be done with shoes, preferably at the beginning of the session before the shoes are taken off. Have all the children stand up and hold the parachute to the waist. Walk with a parachute and separate children 1-5 or other numbers of your choice. All those who are at number 5 must throw one sock under the parachute. Then, when the whistle blows, the children make a mushroom shape and all those who have one sock underneath have to go inside, collect it, put it on and try to return to their place. The last one who has socks gets taken away or asked to run outside and back to his place.

You will need a large softball for this game. The children are divided into two teams as in popcorn and make waves with a parachute. The ball is thrown into the middle and each team must try and send the ball flying along the opponent’s side to score a point. You could also use a soft animal with toys instead of a ball, to add more fun. After the first couple of attempts, I would choose one child for each team to fall under the parachute and help their team by hitting the ball on the opponent’s head.

Under the gutter
This is a good exercise to end the session, but be sure that the children do not stay out of the parachute. Ask the children to pull the parachute and bend over with it so that it rests on the floor. Then ask them to lift it high to make a mushroom, and when they pull it, they pull the parachute behind them and sit on it. Now we should make a tent for all the children inside the parachute. Then I would play a game in which one child is chosen to stand like a tent in the center, but not to have their head peeking through the middle of the parachute. Then the softball is thrown into the center and, without the use of their hands; children have to soften the ball ten times ten times. It’s not easy to do, but when ten hits are recorded, then you can use the time for a light discussion, etc.

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