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Why do kids ask so many questions
Childhood Teaching methods

Why do kids ask so many questions?

Statistics show that the stimulation of the environment in which a child grows up is a major factor affecting the occurrence, type, and frequency of questions. When children asking, they come to different knowledge about themselves and the world around them. Have you had situations where you failed to answer your child’s question? The question, …

Little shefs
Childhood Games Inside Games Outside

Imaginative Play

Children love to dress up in costumes and play dramatic roles. They can choose anything; princess, driver, Cinderella, dinosaur… The moment they wear costumes, the whole world becomes another dimension. There is no limit to who, where or what they can be. Imaginative play is part of growing up every kid. The ability to pretend …

Puppet play
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Puppet play

Puppet play introduces the child to multiple forms of play and creative activities. Such play enables the child to actively acquire and use the abilities important for communication and expression. They also direct the child in his or her way. Through puppet play, the child uses his independence, freedom, imagination, experiences, and feelings. The game …

The family walks through the forest
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Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is a game that can be played in several ways, with different rules. It is all about looking for something (some object) and finding it (the treasure). The main goal is encourage children to explore and use a logical thinking. You need:  paper and pen  the object (the tresure) for hide * …

Kids at the library read books
Childhood Learning is fun

Is your child reading books? 

Library   It is very important to create a small place (a library) where a child can always read. If a child sees their parents reading, they will love the books. In childhood, there are always those wonderful moments spent in the mother’s, father’s hand, where favorite stories are read. This is of paramount importance …

I feel…
Childhood Teaching methods


Children’s mood   In the mornings when children go to kindergarten, often the tense atmosphere due to parents being late for work passes without the opportunity and time to tell their children how they feel that day. It means a lot to them that when they come to kindergarten they see someone interested in their …

Children’s Favorite Games, Bubbles
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Children’s Favorite Games

Planning games and activities should be organized according to the age and needs of the children. Younger children have a shorter range of attention and are just learning to coordinate their body, while older children may get bored with not having enough “challenges” in play or activities. Games are a valuable, fun, and interesting way …

Maria Montessori with children, Photograph: Popperfoto/Getty Images
Childhood Teaching methods

Teaching methods

What method do you use to educate your child? Maria Montessori Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to obtain a doctorate. She developed an educational model (teaching methods) and bears his name, while in 1907 she taught a class of 50 poor students on the outskirts of Rome. Dr. Montessori, who previously worked …

Peekaboo game

Grow up playing

We all grow up playing   Kids play games that are familiar parts of our cultures. Play endures, even as it appears to change over time. Take, for example, peekaboo. A toddler pokes his head around the edge of an open doorway. We don’t think about it. We just say, “Peekaboo!” The toddler laughs, and …