The boy uses a touch-screen tablet

Rapid development of science and technology


With the popularity of wireless, smartphones, tablets, and other touch products, human life is becoming more and more important. Most young parents lead fast lives. Have you ever noticed the inner loneliness of a child from such a family and his great longing for family ties?

After that family affection has not been satisfied for a long time, young people decide to be like their parents – they use the touch screen. Now many children are skillfully handling tablets, even as a pre-school child becomes the youngest generation using the touch screen. With the improvement of people’s living standards, many families have smartphones, tablets, computers, and other touch products. All this technique, due to its huge resources, rich images, beautiful music, and shocking video effect, has attracted the deep attention of children. Many children prefer to sit at home front tv, rather than go out with their friends. The touch screen is full of enjoyment, enjoyment of the virtual world. Many parents also expressed concern that the child could not sleep without a cellphone or tablet.

At the age of 3-6, children most need a connection with family, peers, and surrounding friends. Playing with children, quarrels, reconciliation, crying together, laughing, solving problems together… your children need it, not a tablet or phone. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, people are even living childish lives as they become narrower and more deformed. In a lot of their free time, children do not choose to go out with their peers and play but will stay in touch and immerse themselves in the virtual world and nurture communication and connection with the outside world through virtual means. If things continue this way, and in all likelihood going this way, this will lead to a weakening of interpersonal relationships and a decrease in communication skills. Kids, people will getaway. Over time, this will increase the inner emptiness and loneliness of children, which will negatively affect their integration into society.


The boy uses a touch-screen tablet
The boy uses a touch-screen tablet

Children’s media literacy

Media literacy includes the ability of children to accept, interpret, display and discriminate media information in the face of many media (of course, it mainly refers to touch screen products) and the ability to use media properly and rationally. Today’s children grow up with touch screens. There are advantages and disadvantages of the screen to touch, but with parental supervision, there can be more positive sides. First of all, they should pay attention to control. Control includes many things, such as the length and content of the display. They should choose more active and useful contexts for the healthy growth of children. Second, unite. The company is mainly monitored by children who watch the program through the touch screen, parents should follow the children who watch together and in time for the children’s examinations to get correct and healthy guidelines. Finally, hold demonstrations. Since parents want to cultivate good media literacy for their children, it is first to start from one’s own. Do not allow yourself to indulge in touch screen products, to rationally use touch screen products. Let their correct point of view, attitude, words, and deeds affect children unconsciously because children grow and progress together.

Folk games

Children’s nature loves to play, so play occupies a central position in their daily lives. But with the advancement of science and technology, the development of time, touch screen products have spread to thousands of households, children also suffer, become electronic baby Elektro all day with touch screen, electronic games have become the greatest pleasure in their lives, but folk games which their fathers played in childhood are now on the verge of extinction. If parents want their children to free themselves from the shackles of the touch screen, it is necessary to regain folk games and bring children’s interest and happiness to positive folk games.

These folk games are based on simple, various games, fun, because we are more familiar with games like hopscotch, spinning on top, running with three legs, throwing handkerchiefs, hiding games, making a sedan chair, chicken against an eagle and so on. In the process of playing games, children can primarily engage in physical fitness, running, jumping, and various complex movements, practicing children’s physical ability and the ability to coordinate the body. Second, folk games also have an enlightening effect on children’s intellectual development. Parents in guiding their children to play in that process should enable the free organization and editing and should not give too much intervention in children’s play.

Children who are in the game sometimes need to try to develop the rules of the game. They think about when there are special circumstances and how to deal with them. Learn to summarize during the game and finally find the most appropriate and strictly follow the rules. It can develop children’s creative thinking, ability to analyze and solve problems, work perseverance and patience, and honesty has a good role in promoting children’s flexibility in thinking, willpower, and so on. The last is nurturing a child’s sense of teamwork.


Boys are reading a book
Boys are reading a book


In this technological age, mobile computing is becoming widely used among people of different ages. Schools can provide children with innovative ways to use this technology. Numerous studies have shown that touchscreen tablets can provide potential children with valuable learning experiences that improve their learning and development. The tablets increase children’s understanding of the learning process, support children’s metacognitive skills or teach them how to learn skills and enable children to create original works as a means of personal expression, as well as provide opportunities for peer cooperation. The tablet will encourage self-learning in children and facilitate access to personalized learning content. Several researchers have found that the use of tablets develops motivation and perseverance in solving tasks among children.

The evidence also highlighted the role of pills in boosting children’s interest and determination in completing tasks without feeling frustrated. Because of their portable nature, tablets allow learning to be accessible anytime, anywhere and across context and geography, as well as to be easily accessed outside the classroom. Tablet technology has been found to have a positive impact on the development of early literacy skills in children as well as on the acquisition of a second language in children.


Grandma reads the story to the children
Grandma reads the story to the children


Most children stated that tablet devices bring them new games and allow them to download games and photos (“There is YouTube”, “Tablet makes us happy”, “I’m having fun with it”, “I play games”). It has also been observed that most children are aware of the connection of tablet devices to the Internet. They are also aware of the concept of the Internet: “The Internet takes over games”; “The Internet brings news”; “We watch YouTube when the Internet is on.”


It has been noticed that the most commonly acquired skills in children are:

  1.  Moving your fingers down and down (100%),
  2.  Opening and closing the device (95%),
  3.  Recognition of popular icons (93%), and
  4.  Launches the program (93%).


The development of science and technology, the introduction of children into the modern age is a double-edged sword. It promotes the progress of social civilization, but it also harms adults and even children, making children obsessed with the touch screen and even addictive. The touch screen has a lot of harm to children, such as visual impairment, cervical spine deformity, and other physical injuries, loneliness and other psychological impairments, human indifference and other interpersonal influences, many parents are worried about this but could not do either what. If parents want their children to get rid of the touch screen, they are recommended to pay attention to the development of children’s media literacy, to restore folk games and give children deep companionship, truly in the child’s heart, give them care, thoroughly solve the problem, solve children’s problems with a touch screen, give children a real healthy and happy childhood.


Source: Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood – The Hashemite University
Don’t let the touch screen take away the child‘s childhood, Zhang Huijuan

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