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The treasure hunt is a game that can be played in several ways, with different rules. It is all about looking for something (some object) and finding it (the treasure). The main goal is encourage children to explore and use a logical thinking.

You need:

  •  paper and pen
  •  the object (the tresure) for hide

* you can use picture from a magazine and cut the foto you need for game (clues).

Savanna Treasure Hunt Adventure - mauitreasurehunt
Savanna Treasure Hunt Adventure – mauitreasurehunt

On the several papers you paint a picture or write words or glue a photo which show the clues. The cards (clues) include questions, words or photo adapted to the age of child.


  • cards with question: What has 4 legs, not walking and we use it when we eat? (chair)
  • cards with words: number 4, wood, eat (chair); for kids age 5
  • cards with photo: kitchen table, wood, a child eats; for younger children you can use samething simple like this cards.

Every card show where is the next clue, exept the first one. All clues are located in a certain place. While the child keeps his eyes covered with hands and does not look, second player hides all cards and the treasure.

The game start with the instruction when they are understood. Then you can give the first card.

Treasure map - Pixabay
Treasure map – Pixabay

This game can be organized in the forest,on the playground, at home … For younger child, adult need to determine the destination of the game in accordance with the age and abilities of the child. You can use a map instead of a cards. Through the cards, you can teach your child new words, practical reading, counting etc. Through the map, a child can learn about orientation, navigating in the forest and many important skills.


Written by

Irena Canji

I am a teacher in kindergarten. I have been working with children aged from three to seven since 2000. Also, I am a mother of two kids. My son is a teenager and my daughter is going to kindergarten. My main goal through the website is to show that the process is more important than the product. In childhood, kids need to play, have fun, learn through their experience.

The content of this website is an interesting activity for children. You don't need special skills, lots of money or too much preparing.

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